1. Ordering service online?

  • Select one service that fits your need. (Example : Design a logo) After selecting your order. Leave a full project description note on the text area on the right side of the page. If you have additional notes and pictures to be added for inspiration. You may send me an email directly or you may upload a file in doc format or on a zip file.

2.  How long it would take to finish one project?

  • It takes 24 to 48 hours or less for graphics design, depending on the information you've provided to us.  It  may delay the schedule if you dont provide the complete details. So make it sure to provide a complete information for any project you ordered.
  • For Wordpress web design theme : Delivery time is 5 to 7 days. Note this is just a basic professional word press theme.  No additional coding or features provided. This service is for a THEME only.

3.  I would like to buy a  domain name, how can i received my ordered domain name?

  • Transferring the domain name you ordered is simple. Just email me your GoDaddy's customer number and email address you used when you register on GoDaddy and i will transfer to your account the domain name immediately after confirming the payment.

4. How do i pay for my order?

  • We use Paypal as our main payment method.

5. Do you issue refund?

  •  Yes and No. Since it is a service provided. We don't issue any refund to any services that has been provided (example a final source file already been sent to you). 
  • We only issue refund if there is TOTALLY NO SERVICE has been provided or a SERVICE is NOT YET STARTED .
  • If you failed to inform us ahead of time and we started sending you a draft of design or do a research for your domain name. We will not issue any refund. This is to avoid people who wants to get free service and waste other people's time. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and we value your time.

6. How do i get the file for final design?

  • We will email you directly the final design using your Paypal's email address used to order.

7. What Currency this website used?

  • US Dollar ($) is our default currency used.

8. What do i get for unlimited revisions?

  • Unlimited revisions means you will get unlimited changes to the original concept (color changes, shape changes, font changes), not unlimited new logos. So you will get unlimited revisions to a concept, not unlimited new concepts.

Got more question? email us directly at support@sectionplus.com